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St.Croix Legend Xtreme 7’1” Medium Heavy Extra Fast Rod Review
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As many of you know, I have been using St. Croix rods for many years.  It may have started as far back as when I was a child and my grandfather’s “don’t touch” rods in the boat were St. Croix.  It was understandable as money was tight back and an inadvertent “oops” could have been costly.  Two things I have always known about St. Croix: 1) craftsmanship 2) technological enhancements from decades of R&D. St. Croix took top honors at ICAST 2012 as Best of Show Freshwater Fishing Rod and I have been fishing them since they were introduced.

St. Croix Legend Xtreme LXC71MHXF Specifications


SC-V & SC-VI Graphite



Line Rating


Lure Rating


# Pieces



11+tip Fuji K-Series SiC Micro

Rear Handle Length


Power Rating

Medium Heavy


Extra Fast

Rod Weight



Made in USA



The rod is rated as a medium heavy with an extra-fast tip. It’s an all-around rod good for throwing stick baits, tubes, jigs or any contact type bait from light to heavy.  All my St. Croix rods are paired with some variety of Abu Garcia reel.  This rod in particular I fish a Revo STX.  It balances well and has plenty of drag to handle pulling fish out of cover.

Casting and pitching both come easy with this rod.  Some extra fast taper rods don’t cast as well, but with IPC, the rod handles both presentations very well.  It loads nicely on a back cast and allows for throwing weightless senkos just as easy as ½ ounce jigs.  The sensitivity with this rod is incredible.  Even with lighter baits, knowing the difference between, rock, soft bottom, salt cedar, mesquite or a bite is easy to discern.  This rod also handles bladed baits and swim jigs well.  Although I prefer my Legend Tournament Sniper and Sweeper rods as they have a more moderate action, this rod will handle spinnerbaits and bladed jigs well.  This rod is a true medium heavy.  Different rods can be rated very differently.  Be sure when you are comparing different actions across brands, and even within brands, you check to see that the action is what you are looking for.  I recently had a travel rod built from Sawyer Creek rods with a Phenix medium heavy blank…it is a much lighter action rod and feels more like a lighter medium rod.  We will be doing a full review on that rod down the road.

Legend Xtreme rods come with a protective rod sleeve similar to those by Stick Jacket. Fuji® K-R Concept Tangle Free guides with SiC rings are used. Ideal for super braid, mono and fluorocarbon lines, the sloped frame and ring “shed” tangles before they become a problem. Fuji® SK2™ split reel seats are used for the ultimate in light weight and sensitivity.  All Legend Xtreme rods come with Xtreme-Skin handle which repels water, dirt and fish slime and cleans up easily. Manufactured by St. Croix to provide outstanding angler comfort, casting efficiency and sensitivity.  This handle has been incredible in all conditions from power plant fishing in the dead of winter, to the spring rains and the hottest days of summer.

There are a list of acronyms that define St. Croix's blank technology evolution: IPC, TET, ART, and FRS and can be referenced here.  I went back and forth for a long time debating which of my two Xtreme medium heavy rods were the “heavier” of the two and have concluded that my 7’ medium heavy fast is slightly heavier and will be reserved for slightly heavier applications, especially when fishing tighter to cover, and the 7’1’ medium heavy extra fast will be used when a broader array of baits may be used.  I like them both equally, but think the 7’1” gives me a little more versatility.  When I am spooling up, I fish 12#, 15# or 17# Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon almost exclusively.  Water clarity and structure fished influence the line choice the most.  Clearer water with less cover I hover down to 12# where dirtier water calls for the extra security of 15# or even 17#.  All of these lines work great paired with this rod.

Tight lines,