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2017 Tournament Results

  • Sun Country Bass #2 Amistad Lake , TX March 25-26, 2017 final results.  From Doug Stewart:  What a finish in the second tournament as 4 teams ended up within 3.5 pounds of each other.  The weather could not have cooperated better after some heavy winds throughout the week and summertime temperatures in March are never something to complain about. Although the weights weren't as big as last month the overall catching was still great. Congrats to Jeff Jorde and Sheri June Jorde on their first place finish with 39.11 pounds, Joe Smith and Doug Stewart finished second with 36.74 pounds edging out Gary Carr and J.J. Ducharme at 36.14 pounds in third who also took Big Bass honors for the weekend with an 8.39 pound largemouth on Saturday. Last months winners Brendan Kennell and Zach Bibb took fourth with 35.49 pounds and Rod Hasselhof and Randy Massuci rounded out the Top 5 at 33.2 pounds. Big Bass Sunday went to Ron Pigg and Danny Mitchell with a 6.85 pound largemouth and Ranger Cup went to Joe Smith and Doug Stewart. Thanks again to Tim Ludwig on his help with the fish and Clem Elam and Rachel Hood Elam for running a smooth tournament. See you all back in New Mexico for the next three tournaments.
  • Sun Country Bass #1 Amistad Lake , TX February 18-19, 2017 final results.  From Doug Stewart:  What a start to the 2017 season!  When Gary Carr and JJ Ducharme brought in 28 pounds on Saturday I thought that would be the big sack for the weekend and then Brendan Kennell and Zach Bibb brought in over 30 on Sunday and I knew Amistad was coming back from where it was 4 years ago.  That being said, Brendan and Zach put on a show this weekend as they brought in almost 54 pounds for 2 days leaving even Gary and JJ behind, who finished in a very respectable second place with over 45 pounds.  If it is any consolation at least they did win Ranger Cup.  Gary and JJ had Big Bass with a 7.78 on Saturday while Brendan and Zach had it on Sunday with a 7.92 so both were into some good fish.  A lot of fish over 5 pounds were caught this weekend and there were 36 limits weighed in on Saturday alone.  Thanks to Clem and Rachel and a special thanks to Arnold Lovato and Tim Ludwig on helping get the fish down the tube and Tim for saving several of the big ones.  The Top 5 were rounded out by Jim and Gail Criswell in 3rd with 40.77 pounds, Mark and Travis Gill in 4th with 40.27 pounds and Brad Hauf and Robert Peixotto in 5th with 39.94 pounds.  Thanks again to everyone for showing up in February, it may seem like and early start but with weather like this weekend we could fish all February with no complaints (hope I didn't jinx the March tournament).